The central theme of is "Pray as you go" and continues to be the guiding light for my projects.. Everyone has their own way of living their faith, but one constant is prayer. The Rosary is one of the most important and inspirational prayers for Catholics. 

The original idea of a Rosary embedded in the steering wheel of a vehicle came to me when commuting to and from work before retiring 10 years ago. I would spend those 15 minutes praying the Rosary or singing along with a CD of The Chaplet of the Divine Mercy. It was difficult to follow along with just my fingers tapping on the steering wheel and didn't want to hold a Rosary in my hand for fear it would get caught in the steering wheel while driving. After some test runs I came up with the idea of putting beads on a steering wheel cover and including a crucifix and centerpiece so a complete Rosary was there for me to follow along with my fingers or thumbs. I then recorded a CD with all 4 mysteries of the Rosary on it and included some piano music for background. And then designed a kan koozie with a crucifix and 10 beads around the top to help in praying the Rosary while enjoying a favorite beverage. 

These are all available for purchase at my Etsy store. or

For those of you that might be interested in my views on life here in southeast Iowa I have compiled the columns I wrote for the local newspaper and Neighbors Magazine over the past 10 years and published them in a book titled "As I See It, from the Rich land of southeast Iowa.