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The Travel Rosary was a dream project of mine starting over 10 years ago. Now I am into my 7th year of retirement and  have been able to fulfill that dream. 


Everyone has their own way of living their faith, but one constant is prayer. The Rosary is one of the most important and inspirational prayers for Catholics. It may be just praying one decade of the Rosary as time permits, or scheduling time to pray a complete Rosary sometime during the day.


I found my daily commutes to and from work gave me time to spend in meditation. Several friends shared with me how they prayed the Rosary on their drive to and from Mass and other places they might be going. I thought how unfair it was for those driving to not be able to follow along on their rosary beads. (And if they were, and didn’t keep both hands on the steering wheel, how that would be endangering everyone in the car.)


Thus my initial thoughts turned to creating the Travel Rosary.


As I used my steering wheel cover rosary, new ideas for it developed to a point where it was time to share it with others. Having the Rosary in front of me each time I get into the car turns my thoughts to my faith. And with my thumbs on the steering wheel the beads are always there to help keep me calm through those times of traffic delays, slow drivers, or other things that could bring on anger, or road rage.


Each Travel Rosary is custom designed using your choices of a steering wheel cover, crucifix, centerpiece, and beads. Your individualized, one-of-a-kind Travel Rosary is hand crafted in Richland, Iowa USA. Richland is the home of Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini Catholic Church. Mother Cabrini is one of the two churches that make up SS Joseph and Cabrini Parish, which is part of the Diocese of Davenport


Over the past few years I have added other items to the Travel Rosary collection. There is a companion prayer CD with all the prayers of the Rosary recited for each mystery. Also available are the Travel Rosary Kan Koozie and Coffee Wrap which have a decade of beads and a crucifix attached around the top. These are great for those short breaks when you are enjoying your favorite beverage and want to pray a decade of the Rosary.


In April 2012 the Travel Rosary Illustrated Prayer Book was published and is now available. The book includes a meditation and original illustrations of the 20 mysteries of the Rosary. In addition there are many Catholic prayers and creeds included as well as the Fifteen Promises of Mary to those who pray the rosary. This book is unique not only in the original illustrations done by my son Scott, but the book jacket has a crucifix, centerpiece and beads to allow the reader to follow the beads while holding the book and not have to try and hold a separate rosary. 


The Travel Rosary Team


It has been a joy working together to create a product with special meaning to Catholics everywhere.


Scott Kneeskern is my son and we have enjoyed collaborating on the various Travel Rosary projects. He has provided his artistic talents as our Creative Director, doing the illustrations for the prayer book, and has been one of my most enthusiastic supporters. Scott is a devoted husband and loving father of 4 children. He and his family live in Stillwater, Minnesota.


Sambit Bhattarai is my unofficially adopted son from Nepal. With neither Scott nor I being computer savvy, I was fortunate to have him develop this Web site and be the Web Master for Sambit and I worked together for over 8 years. We spent many lunch hours brain storming various business ideas and from that Travel Rosary evolved into reality. He and his wife currently live in San Francisco, CA; but will be moving to Colorado soon.


Igor Nesterov is an accomplished Russian concert pianist from the Republic of Georgia. He was living in the United States when I met him and we became good friends during that time. His music has been very inspirational to me while working on this project. He agreed to record the background music for the Travel Rosary Prayer CD.  He is currently back home in Georgia.


The Travel Rosary and the companion “prayer partner” CD, kan koozie, coffee wrap, and illustrated prayer book will hopefully be useful to you and provide unique ways to bring meditation and prayer into your daily lives.


This dream project was inspired by my wife (she died in 2013), and my daughter and her family. They live(d) each day as true examples of the teachings of the Catholic Church and offer hope for its future.


To contact us please use one of the following:


Travel Rosary
400 N. Washington St
Richland, IA 52585 USA

Phone: 1-641-233-7848

Great idea and product! I drive a lot and now this will allow me to say my rosary and drive safely. Also allows me to still have my rosary in my hands. Thanks for this!
Search will be publishing an Illustrated Prayer Book in 2012.
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Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.
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